Set Yourself Up For Successful Video Calls

October 1, 2020

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Now that we are a solid 7 months into the pandemic, many of us have come to accept the fact that we will be working from home for longer than expected. While this may be relief to some, it has become a burden to many as they set up their home office for endless video calls and virtual meetings.

As video conferencing has become the new normal for both business and personal meetings, some of us still find ourselves trying to figure out how to look and sound our best digitally! And while we may not ever achieve the ‘perfect’ video conference look, any improvement is better than none!

Here are four tips to help you achieve success for your next video call:



Even with a below-average camera, the right lighting set up can make you appear much better! No, you don’t need a studio-quality set up.  You just need to make sure the light sources are positioned correctly. For example, sit at an angle in front of a window instead of directly in front. You can also use a ‘fill light’ that points either to your face or at a wall to ‘bounce’ the light for a softer look.



Not being able to decipher a conversation is probably one of the most frustrating parts to a video call. So, producing quality sound can set the tone immediately. It’s important that your message is delivered in a clear and understandable manner.  A headset or stand microphone will boost your audio fidelity and help eliminate background noise. While these aren’t fool proof solutions to unexpected sounds from children and pets, there are several noise cancelling software programs you can look into for help!


Virtual Backgrounds

Whether your house is a mess from the kids or you’re working in an unattractive space, a virtual background can be a game changer! If you’re chatting with friends, you can try fun interactive settings to show yourself at the beach with crashing waves or even floating in space. But if you’re using it for work purposes, you may choose a more subtle office background or something more neutral and aesthetically appealing.  You can also create your own virtual background that has your business logo, message, and more.


Wired Connection

As you’ve probably learned by now, your video calls are affected by your internet connection.  And although wireless connections are fast, it can be greatly improved when connected by wire. Real-time reactions can be crucial in digital communication, so the faster the connection, the better the conversation. That is why it’s always recommended to skip a wireless connections when participating in video calls and go as wired as much as possible.