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Preparing A Budget For Homeownership

As you prepare your budget for homebuying, you should also consider that you will need a budget once you complete your home purchase. Being more aware of the costs associated with homeownership can prepare you for the road ahead. Let’s break if down into one-time costs and recurring costs: One-Time ...

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A Wish List For Home Buyers

I’ve spoken with many people lately that don’t think it’s feasible for them to be homeowners with mortgage rates and other additional expenses. Truth is, in the past year, I’ve been able to help many clients become homebuyers who thought they never could. With the right professional industry contacts to ...

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Bring Home The Holiday Feeling

Living in Florida during the holiday season doesn’t always bring out the most traditional feels that is most associated with this time of year. We don’t see snow or put our mittens on to go outside. We aren’t rushing home for a hot cup of cocoa or to warm up ...

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