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Should You Move Or Could You Improve?

At some point as a homeowner, you will be faced with the decision to either invest in renovations or buy a new home.  Families expand, lifestyles change and weighing the options can be complicated. Your decision will ultimately depend on a few certain criteria:  budget, location, needs, and the housing ...

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How To Buy A Home Virtually

Despite the pandemic, the housing market in South Florida has been hot! However, many prospective buyers are still weary of in-person tours and showings. Therefore, real estate professionals like myself have been accommodating our clients in several ways that will allow them to go through the home-buying process with contact-free ...

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Prepare Yourself To Buy A Home: Tips For Building Your Credit

Credit scores can impact many areas of your life – including buying a home.  Not only do credit scores show lenders your ability to pay your bills on time, but how much debt you currently have and could potentially carry. According to the credit reporting agency,, a credit score ...

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