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Smart Homes – Tips For Beginners

It seems like almost anything can be automated these days – and I mean anything! A smart home allows homeowners to remotely take control of the many aspects of their house, like appliances, home security, thermostats, lighting and more. Smart homes can also provide insights into energy use that can ...

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Tips For Living In A Home Listed To Sell

Selling your home while you’re still living in it is not everyone’s ideal situation, but it is very common and, most times, necessary. You’ve cleaned it up and staged it perfectly for the professional photography prior to the listing and now you’re ready to show it off – but you’re ...

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Buy Land: Your Next Real Estate Investment

What are some of the most important things in which we invest? Most people consider them to be their money, time, stock markets and other equity – like your home. And while these are all great means of investing in many ways, buying land could be your ultimate jackpot ticket ...

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