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Selling A Wood Frame Home

In South Florida, most homes are constructed with either a wood frame or CBS (concrete block and stucco or concrete block structure). Wood frame buildings are the most popular home construction type across the United States for many reasons. However, they aren’t necessarily the most desired structures in South Florida. ...

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Preparing Your Home To Sell

Sellers are still finding strong market conditions to get the maximum value for their properties right now! With the end of the year approaching and the high season about to start, many of my clients have asked what they can do now to prepare their homes to sell. While you ...

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Sell Your Home Before School Starts!

With some families facing an urgency to find a home near certain schools or universities, there’s an up-tick in searches within our area at this time of this year. Buyers and sellers are put into unique situations during the start of school much more than any other time. This puts ...

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