“Stewart Denholtz is a knowledgeable, hard working, results producing realtor, but, although that’s more than enough, it does not end there. For Stewart, the sale doesn’t end with a signed contract or even a closing and certainly doesn’t end with his receiving his well earned payment for services successfully rendered. Stewart is interested in his liens, their real estate needs for sure, but also their comfort with an always stressful process and their ultimate comfort in a new home and ne neighborhood. “Just call me, text me or email me” is Stewart’s promise of utmost availability throughout the search, the negotiations, the paperwork, the closing and every step and concern along the way and after the transaction is completed. My wife and I are old enough and fortunate enough to have had many residential real estate transaction throughout our marriage. We’ve been lucky to meet and have on our side a number of first class, caring realtors. Stewart Denholtz stands with the best of them and I recommend him without reservation. He didn’t disappoint us and I can’t imagine him disappointing anyone.”

 – Stephen Gordon, October 2018


“Stewart is the man! He helped us find a new place in Florida, all the way across the country from California. He was very patient and the whole process went surprisingly smooth. We were even able to close ahead of schedule. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a reputable agent.”