Have You Considered Selling Your Home?

October 1, 2020

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You’ve probably heard “there’s no better time than now” to sell your home lately, and there’s definitely some truth in that. Timing is one of the most significant factors of real estate and one of the most commonly asked questions for realtors:

Should I sell my home now or wait?

Unfortunately, many people that play the waiting game never actually pull the trigger when it comes to listing their home. And when they do, it’s usually in unfavorable circumstances.  But considering that selling your home is a major financial and lifestyle decision, it makes sense that you would want to collect as much information as possible before making a move.

Right now in Palm Beach County, there is an insufficient amount of homes listed on the market to satisfy the overwhelming number of buyers. Not only has there been an increase in out-of-state residents buying property in Florida, but locals are also looking for new homes that fit better with the recent lifestyle changes they may have experienced. Mortgage rates have also continued to stay lower than ever before and a strong buyer demand even has some companies backed up with applications.

If selling your home has crossed your mind recently, there is only one thing you need to do – call me!

I have been helping my clients through these unprecedented times to sell their homes with remarkable results! Buyers are actively looking for homes just like yours and will pay the competitive market value (sometimes even more!) for their next perfect home! Allow me just a few minutes of your time, and together we can determine if selling your home now is the right choice for you!