The Virtual Side of Real Estate

May 5, 2020

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While many businesses in Florida have been shut down over the last month, real estate services were deemed as an essential business by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Although real estate services have continued here in Palm Beach County, it hasn’t been without major changes in the manner of how we conduct business.

As a Realtor, I realize that even though many people have been sadly impacted by this pandemic, there are many other families that were so close to moving into their dream home. There are many other families that are still in need of selling their current home.

Everyone has different needs in different seasons for different reasons. And that is why I have adapted my work into the virtual world in order to continue to serve my clients in the safest way possible.

The National Association of Realtors has also provided strict guidelines for Realtors during the COVID-19 guidelines.  Realtors and their clients are to abide by the safety guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, especially when showing properties.

Here’s just a few things that I can do to help you during our current situation:

  • Virtual Showings – Many properties are still available for showings (especially uninhabited ones) and I am able to connect with you on a video call to show you some of these properties.
  • Virtual Open Houses – In order to minimize crowds and keep in accordance with social distancing rules, Virtual Open Houses are available to potential buyers across the world.
  • Contact-Less Paperwork – Almost all paperwork and signings can be done electronically. If something cannot be done electronically, I will do everything I can to provide a safe environment to conduct business.
  • Virtual Tours – Part of the marketing strategy I implement for all of my listings includes virtual tours of the property. This has never been more important than now.
  • Digital Marketing – Always a major part of my marketing strategies for my listings, using digital media services to showcase my clients’ properties is highly effective during these times as potential buyers are spending more time online.


While the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the real estate industry, Realtors have been adapting to these extraordinary circumstances. While it is anything but ‘business as usual,’ the health and safety of our clients is the number one priority.

If your real estate goals have been impacted by the pandemic, please give me a call so we can reevaluate and make a plan! I am here to help you in any way I can!