Is An HOA Community Right For You?

March 3, 2021

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Statistics show that homeowners associations (HOAs) govern nearly 60% of recently built single-family homes and 80% of houses in new subdivisions. Therefore, chances of you encountering an HOA property while house-hunting is fairly high.

In short – an HOA is a governing structure for a community that takes care of certain features to maintain the community and atmosphere in exchange for a fee — and your following of certain guidelines.

Some households – especially older adults looking to retire – welcome the chance to live in a structured, well-run neighborhood that provides a low-maintenance lifestyle.  Others resent the restrictions HOA place on how to manage their own properties.

If you are considering moving into a community with an HOA, here are a few things to consider:


Higher Property Values

HOAs usually have many regulations that keep their communities quiet, clean and neighborly.  Generally speaking, this will result in a neighborhood that becomes more desirable to homebuyers, thus producing higher property values. According to a study in 2019, single family homes located in HOA communities sold for 4% higher than those which were not.


Less Maintenance

The majority of HOA fees include exterior upkeep of the properties including lawn maintenance, pest control and painting. Depending on your community, some HOAs even cover pest control, trash pickup, and roof repairs.



Many HOAs offer amenities to its residents that would normally be unavailable due to the financial cost and upkeep. Such amenities like a pool, fitness center, tennis courts, and playgrounds are available in many HOA-managed neighborhoods and also promote a unique social atmosphere within the community.


Rules & Restrictions

Probably the most notorious feature of an HOA – the restrictions. Yes, all HOAs have their own set of rules and restrictions that vary across the board. Some homeowners enjoy living within the parameters of the HOA guidelines, but others do not like having restrictions put on property they own. Be aware that HOA rules can be meticulous – down to the very nuts and bolts you can use on a door handle to limiting the number/type of vehicles you have and noise you make.


HOAs mean different things to different people, so it’s important that you do a little homework before brushing past HOA communities.  Like any governing body, an HOA can be efficient and professional, or it can mismanage the community. Each association has a unique set of rules, fees, and involvement within the community and it is especially important for you to know how the HOA will affect how you live.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!