Home Warranties – Do You Need One?

May 6, 2019


Almost everything we purchase today comes with some sort of warranty – but have you ever read the fine print? We buy insurance for our cars, homes, and expensive toys – but have you ever used it? These are the just some of the thoughts that race through the mind of homeowners when presented with the option to purchase a home warranty.

Ultimately, the decision is quite personal and can largely depend on your level of comfort for paying out of pocket if one of the more expensive items in your home needs to be replaced.

Here are a few things to know before making your decision:

  1. Know The Difference – A home warranty is NOT home insurance and it’s important to understand the differences. Home insurance is meant to protect you financially with unforeseen damage to your home in the event of something like a fire or hurricane. A home warranty is a policy that protects your home’s major appliances and systems as they age.
  2. Know Your Numbers – Shop around for a few different quotes on your warranty and know exactly what they cover so you can accurately compare costs and plans. A warranty typically covers plumbing, hot water heaters, and electrical system components while others may offer more advanced plans for your washer/dryer, air conditioning system, refrigerator, and garage door openers. Pay attention for fees that you may be responsible for in addition to your initial warranty cost such as service fees, shipping and deductibles.
  3. Know The Fine Print – What you assume is covered, probably isn’t. When you assume it will cost nothing additional repair and/or replace your item, it probably will. While you can find a plan that claims to cover EVERYTHING, the truth is it probably doesn’t. Some exclusions may be the very thing you’re trying to protect against. Be very careful to read every component of the contract and its exclusions.


If you have any questions about home warranties, please reach out to me so I can help to better explain some of the complexities it involves. I can help you to find a trusted partner to provide the warranty and walk you through the process as needed. I’m always here to help!