Spring Listing Preparations

March 5, 2024

While April to June is often thought of as the hottest period for real estate transactions, serious buyers and sellers tend to get started earlier in the spring. In fact, some interesting research has shown the week after Super Bowl being the ‘kick-off’ for spring real estate. And while we may not have the seasonal changes here as in other parts of the country – for us, that means now!

Although there can be many upsides to selling during the winter months – particularly here in South Florida – it’s typically the slowest period of the year for transactions. With the busyness of holidays and year end closings for businesses, many people tend to push it off to the new year.

Buyers that want to get a jump on the new market should be talking to mortgage lenders for pre-approval letters and making a strategic plan with your real estate agent on how to work with them to get your numbers in line and complete a successful deal. Be watching the market and stay realistic in your search.

Sellers are starting to prep their homes in readiness to hit the market. The first step to this is talking with your Real Estate agent (me!) and developing a detailed plan that covers every step of the process. This also includes a comprehensive list of repairs and upgrades that should be made to have the home at its best.

It’s always a toss-up on choosing just the perfect time to list your property, but that’s where an experienced Real Estate agent – like me – can help you! The South Florida market is unique to the industry, so choosing a trusted and professional local realtor is your best route to success! I look forward to helping you and your referrals this year!