Rent or Sell In The Current Market?

April 4, 2024

The optimism of a consistently strong seller’s market over the past years has brought on a lot of questions about what to do with your existing house. Should you try and sell now? Or perhaps rent it out? Let us help you navigate through the process!

There are pros and cons with both options, of course. So, let’s review!



Renting out your house can be a continuous income stream! Your home can generate a valuable revenue stream while allowing you to hang onto your asset longer so it can continue to appreciate and build equity. Snowbirds can rent during off-season and enjoy the Florida sun during the winter! In addition, this option gives you a fallback plan if your plans elsewhere don’t work out. Your property will still be yours, so you won’t have to pay a higher price to return to your old neighborhood. This will obviously have to make financial sense comparing the going rental price compared to your monthly payments, utilities, taxes, etc.



Selling now can also be a great advantage depending on when and how you purchased your home! You may be able to gain some equity to buy your next home and get something more suitable than what you already have. You may also be setting yourself up with enough equity to cover your next home. If your home has been maintained or increased in value, you may be in an excellent place to get more money than the asking price. You should get the most value from the current market. Most homes right now are bought through intense bidding wars from buyers and my expertise can help you get top dollar for your home!

You should be using an experienced Realtor (like me!) to help make your experience seamless and stress free.

Contact me for a free home valuation or rental inquiries you may have so I can help get you on the right track!