Preparing Your Home To Sell

August 30, 2022

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Sellers are still finding strong market conditions to get the maximum value for their properties right now! With the end of the year approaching and the high season about to start, many of my clients have asked what they can do now to prepare their homes to sell.

While you may think your home is perfect, someone else may not.  But with the appropriate pricing and following the advice from a trusted Real Estate professional like me, your home is sure to sell fast and for a profit!

Here are a few things you want to put at the top of your checklist before listing your property:


Declutter and Depersonalize

It doesn’t take long for our homes to start accumulating ‘things.’ Start weeding out the clutter from your home, host a yard sale or start a donation bin. This process may take longer than you expected but it’s crucial to clear the clutter for the best representation. Additionally, taking away the personalized aspect of your home – including pictures, memorabilia, family keepsakes – allows buyers to see your home from their own perspective and how to personalize it for their own family.


Repair and Refresh

Make a quick list of all the deferred maintenance tasks you’ve been putting off. Even something as simple as replacing a door handle, light bulb or faucet can make a huge difference. Repairs do need to be done, even if it seems easier to leave them to the next owner. If an inspection suggests any damage or large pending projects, it could defer potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint, new landscaping and other smaller repairs can make a positive impact on your home’s appearance.


Deep Clean

Hiring a professional company to do a deep clean of your home is the best way to ensure you’ve eliminated any lingering odors, dirt, or debris from your home. It’s also the best way for families with pets to get rid of pet fur and dander that has gathered in hard-to-clean or reach places. Not only does a deep clean provide a fresh and sparkling look for pictures in your listing, but it will give you and potential buyers peace of mind knowing the property is being cared for.


If selling your home is a consideration for 2022 or even into next year, contact me so we can make a plan for you! Every home requires a different strategy to make it stand out and get you the best offer.

I look forward to helping you!