A Time To Give Thanks

November 29, 2021

Congratulations – we’ve made it to the final month of 2021!

It’s been an interesting year for many of us to say the least– including myself and my clients.

The world-wide pandemic certainly has affected us all in so many different ways. And truly, the Real Estate industry here in South Florida may be forever changed because of it.

We’ve experienced a boom in the local Real Estate Market unlike anything we’ve seen before. Though it may feel similar to the early 2000s, it’s an entirely different demographic of buyers coming to the market. Buyers are coming from all over the world – not just the colder regions of the United States.

And they’re coming with cash. Lots of it.

At some points during the course of the past year, the median sale prices for homes in Palm Beach and Martin County were more than 20 percent higher than they were in 2020. With a record low inventory of homes for sale – as high as 75 percent at times – sellers were getting up to 5 percent over the asking price.

It is during market booms like this that I am grateful for my profession. I am grateful to be able to help my clients selling their homes so that they can maximize their profits and do it with the least amount of stress. For my buyer clients, strong negotiation skills, quick communication and creative offers have been the keys to my success.

Since almost every home listed for sale has multiple offers in a short period of time – with many of them being over-asking price – it’s important that you work with an experienced Realtor like myself. The atmosphere of our industry has changed over my many years in the business. I look forward to adapting as I have in the past, and helping you do the same.

And so today, and every day, I give thanks to you.

Thank you for your confidence in my services. Thank you for your trust in my expertise. And, most importantly, thank you for your referrals. It is the highest compliment I can receive.

I wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday Season!