5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

July 2, 2018

Congratulations, Florida! You’ve made it through the first month of Hurricane Season without incident! Still, you should be prepared for the unexpected and be ready to spring into action if necessary.

If you’ve been in Florida when a hurricane is announced, you are familiar with the frenzy the community experiences. You could wait hours in lines at the grocery or hardware stores just to find out there are no more supplies. It’s time to change that.

Here are five helpful ways for you to prepare your home in case of a hurricane:

  1. Protect Your Home – Hurricane shutters are the best protection for your home, but not everyone has them. A popular alternative option is to board up the windows and doors, so be sure to stock up on these supplies ahead of time!
  2. Trim Trees – Trees can be a beautiful sight and even add value to your home, but during a tropical storm or hurricane, they can be your worst nightmare. Take some time to trim the trees in your yard that have the most potential to cause damage to nearby structures.
  3. Secure Your Air Conditioner – It’s important to make sure the condenser is secured to the concrete slab outside of your home, and that there isn’t anything that could strike the unit during high winds.
  4. Reinforce Garage Doors – If hurricane-strength winds enter through the garage, the chance of costly and potentially dangerous structural damage skyrockets. Garage door braces can help keep your garage door in place and secure during a storm.
  5. Protect Your Roof – As an integral part of your home’s structure, your roof should be ready for a hurricane of any strength. Many homeowners take an extra step of precaution by installing straps or additional roof clips and roof chips to secure the roof to the frame structure as an additional layer of protection against damage.