4 Ways To Child-Proof Your Home With Style

January 10, 2019

Many families trade in their picture-perfect styled home when children enter the picture. Unfortunately, many families skip some of the important child-proofing steps in hopes to maintain just a little of their own personal style. But these dangers in your home could be fatal.

Here’s a few quick ways to childproof your home without cramping your style…. literally.


  1. Cordless blinds – Not only will you prevent your child from tangling in the cords and strangling themselves, you will be able to keep a modern and clean look. Many of the new systems allow you to control light penetration that can also keep your home shaded well in the heat of the day.
  2. Ottomans vs Coffee Tables – Sharp corners can be a major hazard for toddlers with high energy. Ottomans provide a great option for the standard coffee table. Some designs even have a built-in tray that allows the piece to double as a table.
  3. Flameless Candles – Investing in flameless candles not only saves your family from a major catastrophe, but can also save you money on replacing your candles rather than just batteries. Many flameless candles are on timers that can be adjusted and offer a great option for interior design.
  4. Secure Furniture – While this may not even be visible to the eye, it’s a guaranteed way to prevent a major accident. Bookcases, shelving and entertainment systems especially should be properly secured to the wall to keep it from toppling should your child become adventurous.


While this isn’t a conclusive list, these are very important steps to take to ensure the safety of your family. If you have any other questions on ways to child proof your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out for other ideas my clients have used!