4 Tips For Maintaining A Waterfront Home

October 2, 2023


One of the biggest draws to homebuyers in Florida – especially here in our local area – is the beautiful waterfront properties. If you’re able to purchase one of these gems offering waterfront views, it does come with a higher cost.

And we’re not just talking about purchasing the home – it’s about maintaining it as well. If you haven’t lived on the water, or are considering it, here’s a few things you should know about regular maintenance that should be followed to keep your house at its prime and prevent larger – and more expensive – issues down the road.

  1. Monitor Home Moisture Levels

Due to the close proximity of the water, the surrounding area typically has high levels of moisture. These high moisture levels can cause major damage to your home.

  1. Dock Inspections


Regular inspections of your dock are necessary to prolong its lifespan. While most wooden docks have a lifetime of 20-25 years, it should be thoroughly examined at least twice a year to make sure water levels have not caused stress or damage to the wood. Check for any cracks, splints and other areas of concern and have them addressed immediately.


  1. Roof Inspections


Waterfront homes typically endure more severe weather than those inland. High winds, heavy precipitation and a mix of salty air can do a number on your roof. It’s important to prevent small issues from turning into major ones. Even a few missing shingles can allow water to enter the home and cause mold and other damage.


  1. Watch For Corrosion


The combination of wind and saltwater around waterfront homes means that corrosion is always a risk for outdoor metal. This is also a good reason to cover outdoor furniture and keep a close eye on any metal surfaces outside the home.


Living on the water here in Florida is a dream come true, and I’m ready to make that happen for you. Let’s talk more about waterfront homes and your goals – contact me today!