Hurricane Season Preparations

July 1, 2023

If you’ve been in Florida when a hurricane is headed our way, you are familiar with the chaos that unfolds at local stores and gas stations. By being well-prepared, we can minimize the chaos and potential risks, protect our loved ones and safeguard our properties.

Here are some essential hurricane season preparations that can help you best navigate these natural disasters:

  • Stay Informed: Pay attention to the local news, radio or reliable weather websites for official advisories and alerts. You can also sign up for emergency notifications to receive real-time information and updates.


  • Develop an Emergency Plan: Create a plan for your family or household. Identify safe evacuation routes, a safe meeting point and ensure everyone knows the plan.


  • Prepare an Emergency Kit: This includes essential supplies like food, water, medication and medical supplies, flashlights and more.


  • Safeguard Important Documents: Make digital copies or keep physical copies of important documents safe in a waterproof and easily accessible location.


  • Secure Your Property: Prepare to protect your property from potential damage. Trim trees and branches, secure loose objects and be sure that your windows and doors are secure and stable.


Planning and preparing can make a big difference in safety and resiliency in the wake of a hurricane. The ability to quickly recover following a hurricane requires a focus on preparedness, advance planning, and knowing what to do in the event of a hurricane.

To learn more about hurricane preparations, you can visit the government’s website here: